Knock knock by Henry Lombino

Knock knock
By Henry Lombino

Will? You in there?

You can come in dad.

How are you doing Will?

Alright dad. I’m doing my math homework. Did you go to the vet? How’s Toby?

Not too good I’m afraid. He may

I hope he gets better soon. I miss him.

I know you do.

Do you miss him?

Very much.

He’ll be back here soon though right dad? He will won’t he?

Well, I’m afraid

Its going to be his birthday soon! It sucks to miss your birthday. Did you remember his birthday?

No. I forgot. When is his birthday?

How could you forget? It’s in three days! We’ll have to throw him a big party. And if he doesn’t get better by then, we’ll have to throw it when he gets back.

Well, I’m not sure if that will happen son.

Why? Did you forgot to get him something? That’s alright! You still have three days.

But you see

We can get him a nice rawhide. The beef ones. You know the ones I’m talking about?

Yes, I do.

He loves those. He devours them every time. Do you remember the first time we got him one? At Christmas? He was so happy, he spent the whole time working on that thing. Didn’t even flinch when we brought the camera out.

I remember that.

And then he spent the rest of Christmas sniffing at our hands, waiting for another one? Oh it was so cute, him just wagging is tail at us looking at us expectantly, jumping every time we moved to take a piece of candy out of our own stockings.

He was adorable.

He’s such a good dog. So great. I’m so glad we got him.

Me too.

You alright dad?

Will, I’m sorry.

He’s gone.


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