America by Elizabeth Calderone

By Elizabeth Calderone

Dear Daddy,
If we are a country of the free and the brave
A place where the red, white, and blue does wave
Where cowboys ride in deserts and leave trails of dust
And watching our pastime baseball is a must
Where fireworks fly high on the fourth of July
Then why

Dear Daddy,
If we are a nation of new ideas and liberation
And our hamburgs and hot dogs are quite the temptation
With interesting inventions and open opinions
A country of cars and sweat and all those unions
Where there is a place for every man and woman
Then how come

Dear Daddy,
If we are truly a utopian society
If there are equal opportunities for you and me
Where your skin color does not matter
And all ethnic stereotypes we shatter
If we are each granted those civil rights
And supposedly have finished equality fights

Then why are most our country’s burdens unevenly carried
And most importantly, why can’t you and Dad get married?


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